How to lodge and pay for your bond online

  1. Download and complete a Bond lodgement form [PDF, 760 KB].(external link)
    If you have more than 2 tenants, you will also need to complete the Additional tenants bond lodgement form [PDF, 743 KB](external link). If you are adding to an existing bond, please make sure to include the bond number.
  2. Make sure all parties to the tenancy sign the form(s).
    These signatures will be matched to the refund form(s) at the end of the tenancy.
    Missing signatures will delay processing of the bond.
  3. Scan the form(s), save as a single PDF file, and upload it to the online form below.
    Please check the quality of the scans before attaching them.
    Poor quality scans may delay processing of the bond.

Find out how to save a photo as a PDF using your smart phone(external link)

  1. Complete the required information on the form below to pay the bond.
    Once the form is completed, select "Lodge your bond" to make payment using MasterCard, Visa credit, or debit card. Payments may also be made by Account2Account transfer by logging into your ANZ, BNZ, Kiwibank, TSB or Westpac online banking on the next page (note: transfers can only be made from a personal bank account).
  2. You will receive an email acknowledgement once the payment is processed to the email(s) entered below. Bond lodgements usually take up to 10 working days to process. 

* indicates a mandatory field

Bond payment details

Primary contact for this payment.

Landlord details
Tenant(s) details

Confirmation of payment will be emailed to all valid email addresses provided.

Tenant 1 details
Tenant 2 details
Tenant 3 details
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Tenant 5 details
Tenant 6 details

Please enter only those email addresses provided on the lodgement form(s).

Upload your form(s)

Use this additional form to add a maximum 4 more tenants. If your Tenancy involves more than 6 tenants you will need to post your form to us.

Lodge your bond and make payment

The information recorded above relates to your bond payment. The bond will be lodged based on the information contained in the prescribed Bond lodgement form(s), attached.

You will be directed to a third party payment provider Windcave to make your payment.